If you pad a ​document or ​report, you ​add something ​extra that is ​unnecessary or not ​correct

Pass Phrase

A passphrase is a sequence of words or other text used to control access to a computer system, program or data. A passphrase is similar to a password in usage, but is generally longer for added security. Passphrases are often…

Pay Grade

The limit of one’s knowledge or power within an organization.

Piggy Back

To add to a previously stated idea. This is a common occurrence in meetings and business school classes, where the idea is usually just repeated using different wording.


To contact or notify. “Ping the boss about this one later.”


A salesperson’s personal collection of leads.

Point of sale (POS)

The mechanism and/or tools that allow for physical transactions, especially in brick and mortar locations

PPC (Pay-per-click)

An online advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a fee when a web visitor clicks on the ad.

Predictive Scoring

A process in which businesses assign a numerical score to leads based on various factors and behaviors.

Process Improvement

An aspect of organizational development (OD) in which a series of actions are taken by a process owner to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes within an organization to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and…

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